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What others say...

Heather is awesome! Her coaching is well paced, centered and works well for all ages! — Rebecca

Heather’s class was perfect! She does great stretches, goes at just the right pace, and has a gentle personality. — Bonnie

Heather has a yin-yang quality to her — she is enthusiastic while still being soft. It makes me feel welcomed and encouraged. — Crista

I love how Heather doesn’t over-talk and offers just the right amount of coaching. It lets me maintain a focused training mentality. — Anonymous

Heather’s class is so fun!! And she has great music selections that keep me coming back for more. — Cindy

Heather is humble and inviting. Her voice soothes me, and her cues are perfection. — Alexis

Loved Heather’s class! One of the BEST classes I have taken. I can't wait to take more classes with her. — Leslie