How it began...

Fitness was genetically instilled in Heather -- it's now a way of life and a passion. Heather's parents were both physical education teachers and sport coaches, and her brother was a collegiate track star and Ironman. She grew up attending track meets, soccer and lacrosse practices, games and tournaments. She became a budding athlete, playing soccer and lacrosse throughout her school-aged years, and in her 20's she was a collegiate mountain bike racer for Colorado State University. After college she went on to become a certified fitness instructor. Her heart lies in helping others overcome obstacles and make fitness a lifelong habit. 

"I am known for my non-pushy, yet vibrant approach to fitness. I want my clients to enjoy the process. If it's not fun, you won't stick with it!" - Heather

Heather grew up in Philadelphia, PA, but has been living in Colorado for the past 16 years. She lives with her husband, their two children and beloved vizsla. In her free time, Heather enjoys mountain biking, paddle boarding, doing yoga, painting with her kids and listening to inspiring music.

She studied Technical Journalism and Communication at Colorado State University, earned a license in Esthetics, and she holds certifications in yoga, Spinning® and several group training programs. Heather has worked in the fitness and beauty industry for the past decade. She also developed a natural luxury skincare line, WildBloom Skincare.

In her early thirties, Heather was diagnosed with a genetic autoimmune disease affecting her joints, which forced her to make some major career decisions, including selling her skincare company. Today, as a coach and instructor, she can balance life as a mom while supporting a healthy lifestyle and help others do the same.

"Staying active and being fit has been the key in fighting my health condition, and I want to create the same opportunity for others. Without an active lifestyle our future is null." - Heather

Heather offers her services to clients looking for positive motivation and balanced training. Due to her personal experience, she is very much attuned to doing what works for the client and listening to the body as a guide. Heather is a strong believer in modification and moderation. 

She can be hired on a session-by-session basis or for a longer term and works with both individuals and groups, ranging in age from 5 to 75+. She specializes in low-impact resistance training, flexible strength, and yoga-based training.